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Pixel 2 vs DSLR for portrait shots?.

OH man, learn DSLR basics, you compared the RAW/JPG of the DSLR with the JPG of a phone, obviusly Pixel 2 has a lot of processing applied for instagram ready pictures. The DSLR has a lot less processing for JPG and almost zero for RAW files, the DSLR image needs proper post processing after the RAW import. HDR from the pixel and no HDR from the. P2XLMoment Wide Angle lens vs. DSLR self.GooglePixel. I have both a DSLR and Pixel 2 XL with Moment Wide Angle Lens. I had the same dilema once when going on a 4 day trip vacation. I left my DSLR at home and just brought my phone with the Moment Lens. The good part was that I was light the whole time, sometimes is annoying to carry a big DSLR when you're going to walk around the city. Pixel 2 vs DSLR for portrait shots? Keep in mind I am not a professional photographer and basically all pictures I take is of myself using a tripod and a wireless shutter button. I just picked up a Google Pixel 2 phone because of the apparently amazing camera. Can you tell? Pixel 2 portrait mode vs full-frame bokeh. October 22nd 2017. Tweet This. Disclaimer: This is not a paid nor a comprehensive review, just my opinion. I have been testing my new Google Pixel 2 photo capabilities this weekend and I am happy to say it’s better than I expected. I was especially interested in seeing how the bokeh in the new purely AI-based portrait mode fared.

The sensor in the Pixel 2 has this same problem, but Google has worked around it with software. With HDR turned on, the camera shoots a quick burst of photos, each with short exposure times to. Pixel 2 vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which camera is better? The Pixel 2 and the iPhone 8 Plus battle it out to determine which phone's camera does better portraits, landscape selfies and low-light shots. Google Pixel 3 vs Canon DSLR camera comparison - Can the best smartphone camera compete? GOOGLE Pixel 3 has arguably the best smartphone camera currently on the market but can it. Galaxy S9 vs. Pixel 2: Battle of the best Android cameras. Super-slow motion, dual aperture, HDR, portrait mode, 4K video and low-light photos: We explore and compare them all on two of the best. 25.02.2018 · Modern Phone such as Google Pixel VS Entry Level DSLR? Started Feb 14, 2018. Modern Phone such as Google Pixel VS Entry Level DSLR? Feb 14, 2018 am I crazy for thinking I could get-by by just getting a phone like google pixel to replace an actual camera for all my picture needs? I have watched few videos where they compare the Pixel vs DSLR's. and I'm kinda.

Better than you think. But it’s not that the Pixel 3 actually compares that well to a DSLR or mirrorless camera. It’s the fact that you need far more knowledge to get the best results with a professionally oriented camera. The Pixel 3 is using som. In this video I compare the best camera on a smartphone Google Pixel 2 with a “pro-sumer” DSLR the Canon 80D. Pixel 2 was impressive because of how well it fares against the Canon. Its software processing really makes it stand out and in terms of exposure and in low light it often beat the DSLR due to auto HDR and noise reduction. The Google Pixel 2 is the top-performing mobile device camera we’ve tested, with a record-setting overall score of 98. Impressively, it manages this despite having “only” a single-camera design for its main camera. Its top scores in most of our traditional photo and video categories put it. Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus vs DSLR cam: You can't tell the difference Photos clicked by Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus are so good that for many people, they will be good enough. And in most cases, these high-end expensive phones are definitely better than many. 02.11.2017 · Flagship smartphone vs APS-C DSLR Oct 30, 2017 There's always a lot of discussion about mobile photography and how it compares to interchangeable lens cameras. I'm a big fan of mobile photography and love using my Pixel as a camera, but I don't believe the gap has narrowed as much as some other comparisons would imply. When I occasionally shoot with both devices usually duplicate.

08.10.2017 · Easily the most immediate and controversial difference between the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL are their designs and displays. Let’s start with the displays: Pixel 2 - 5-inch 16:9 AMOLED, 1920 x. I told her my phone has a pretty good camera not even comparing to the DSLR - just an offhand comment and she declared it couldn't be close to her DSLR. After several portrait mode photos, she was angry at how good the quality is considering it's a phone, but now she's buying a Pixel 2. For now, we can look at the specs of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL's 8-MP front facing camera, which features f/2.4 aperture, and the 12.2MP rear camera with its f/1.8 aperture. We reckon Google's new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL have the best cameras going on a smartphone right now – and that's some serious bragging rights in phones world. But don't take our word for it. Hat eine Kamera beispielsweise eine Auflösung von 2.000 x 2.000 Pixeln, dann haben die aufgenommenen Bilder eine Breite von 2.000 und eine Höhe von 2.000 Bildpunkten. Somit ergibt sich für die Anzahl der Megapixel ein Wert von 2.000 x 2.000 Pixeln, sprich 4 Millionen Pixel oder 4.

In recent years some technology commentators have suggested that smartphone camera technology will eventually become so good that people won’t need or want a mirrorless camera or DSLR. It’s a. iPhone X vs. Pixel 2 XL Camera Face-Off: It's This Close By Mike Prospero 2017-11-01T10:00:00Z We took the iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2 XL on a photo safari to see which had the better camera. DSLR vs. Systemkamera - Der Unterschied liegt im Inneren. Wie der Name schon sagt, besitzt eine DSLR, kurz für digitale Spiegelreflexkamera, einen Spiegel. Durch das Objektiv fallen die Lichtstrahlen auf einen schräg angelegten Spiegel Pentaprisma, so wird quasi das “Livebild” durch das Objektiv zum Auge des Fotografen geleitet. This smartphone vs DSLR comparison is going to make some Android owners pretty sad. Chris Mills @chrisfmills. December 14th, 2016 at 2:28 PM. Share Tweet. Camera quality is one of the biggest. Pixel 2 XL top vs original Pixel XL. Viewing angles are markedly worse on the Pixel 2 XL, even compared to the Pixel 2. This is not likely fixable in firmware. If this bugs you, we'd recommend the smaller Pixel 2, though it has a slightly smaller color gamut.

Can you tell? Pixel 2 portrait mode vs full.

While the DSLR photo is a little out of focus, the dividing line between the blue of the background and the yellow of the banana is quite sharp. Meanwhile, there’s a jagged edge of pixels when the smartphone photo is blown up. In a head-to-head-to-head shootout with the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9, the Google Pixel 2 XL took over the top spot as our favorite smartphone camera. Here’s why.

Modern Phone such as Google Pixel VS Entry.

You are at: Home » iPhone » iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL vs DSLR Portrait Mode. iPhone. iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL vs DSLR Portrait Mode By admin November 24, 2017 4 Comments. Share Tweet Google Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr EmailVideo is ready, Click Here to View × Canon 5D Mark III with 50mm ƒ/1.4 lens This is the reference. An amazing sensor in the camera body combined with a terrific fast. The new Night Sight mode for the Google Pixel 3 smartphone’s camera has been getting a lot of good press lately so photographer Pierre T. Lambert thought he would put it to the ultimate challenge. Instead of comparing it against other smartphone cameras, he pitted the Pixel 3’s Night Sight mode against the low light shooting skills of his. Also, you might notice that the Pixel 2 captures more depth, giving a DSLR like feel to the picture. Galaxy S9 Plus Left vs Pixel 2 Right We took this image under incandescent lighting with.

Camera head to head: Lumia 950 XL vs Google Pixel 2 XL. Published by Steve Litchfield at 22:25 UTC, November 1st 2017. Having already done some quick low light tests of the regular 5" Google Pixel. The Google Pixel 2 is in many ways a fairly ordinary Android smartphone - there’s no edge to edge display, wireless charging or dual rear cameras. But thanks to clever software and machine learning, it's capable of extraordinary photographic image quality. Google is, after all, a technology.

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